Longshot© Golf Tees

Less Resistance, More Distance

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Contact Area
by 93%

Less Resistance
More Distance

Ball Spin

“The LongShot© Step It Up is the new generation in high-performance tees combining the very latest in golf technology.

Used by golf professionals and amateurs alike, these high-performance golf tees include the proven Less Resistance – More distance head design, correct height adjustment providing shot consistency and a tee that last.

Give it a go and step up your game to a new level!”

— Mark Allen
PGA Professional
1116 SEN Golf Analyst
Host of Chasing Birdies


  • 93% less contact area than traditional wooden tees
  • Increased ball speed
  • Improved launch angle
  • Optimum golf ball spin rates
  • Less front and back spin
  • Reduces hook or slice shots with less spin side to side
  • Less resistance, increasing shot distances
  • Greater control of ball trajectory

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